Wona Bae .  Charlie Lawler

배원아 ~  찰리 로우러
[Loose Leaf]


The National - Print Series - AGNSW - 2021

Regenerator, The National - AGNSW - 2021

En Route, Heide MoMA - 2019 - 2020

Resonance, Bayside Gallery - 2020

Set in Motion, installation view -2020

Land Urchin, Lisdillon AIR 2020

Brief Encounter, Yering Station - 2019

Moonlit, relief - 2019

Proximity, installation view - 2019

Primitive Matter, Installation views - 2019

Primitive Matter, Backwoods Gallery - 2019

Fossil, installation view - 2019

Ancestor, Collingwood Arts Precinct - 2018

Free Fall, Palacio de Orive, Spain - 2017

Halo Series - 2017 - 2021

En Route, 2019 - 2020
Heide Museum of Modern Art

Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler are known for their experiential installations that navigate instinctive and symbiotic connections between people and nature.

For En Route the artists have created site-specific immersive artworks that respond spatially and temporally to the modernist building, Heide II. Using botanical material and a language of texture and reduction, they deconstruct familiar forms and compose new landscapes to be considered and explored. Bae and Lawler present the natural world as active and central in an era of polarisation, inequality, inaction and apathy.

The exhibition combines installation, sculpture, two-dimensional artworks, and photographs documenting ephemeral interventions made by the artists over several months in the surrounds of Heide and beyond.

Installation view 'Pause' En Route at Heide MoMA

Date:  9 November 2019 - 2 February 2020
Location:  Heide Modern
Curator:  Lesley Harding

Sound: Martin Kay
Photography: Sean Fennessey