Proximity, 2019
Establishment Studios

In their artworks Bae and Lawler challenge concepts of landscape by creating refined environments which navigate visceral and symbiotic connections between people and nature.

Proximity is a site-specific installation that continues this line of enquiry as it relates to the built environment. This ephemeral work was created in response to a 19th century building located in Melbourne, Australia, and in exploring this interaction they were able to conceive a dialogue between the architecture and the artwork. 

Proximity is an intervention of space, in which nature is on the verge of seizing the building, engulfing its columns and expanding across the floor and walls. "We like to imagine nature is in the process of reclaiming this site.” 

The artists have experimented with material using a language of texture and reduction — deconstructing familiar forms, casting them anew, and creating new landscapes to be considered and explored.

Date:  March 2019
Location:  Establishment Studios

Photography: Sean Fennessy
Space: Establishment Studios